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Some Coupon Myths You Should Not Believe

Find below some common coupon myths you should not pay attention to.

You can only use coupons for junk food that makes you fat

Whiles it may be true that there are easily available coupons for unhealthy junk food, you will also come across an equally good number of healthy food coupons. I sometimes even come fresh fruits and vegetables coupons. Items such as dairy products, eggs, vegetables and other health foods also have coupons.

Don’t be put off by this myth and start looking for coupons that will help you save on your healthy food shopping.

You can only save on stores that will double your coupons.

This is another myth that you will come across a lot when you decide to start couponing. But two of the best shops to find great deals, CVS and Walgreen, do not double coupons. But majority of the savings I make are from these two stores. There can be some great deals at stores that do not double so don’t skip on these or you will miss out on great savings opportunities.

If you are shopping at a store that do not double coupons, look for items on sale and apply your coupons to them for great savings.

You will save more when you shop at dollar stores or discount stores.

This is one more myth you should ignore.

Often times, you will see that when you buy from a dollar store where everything is $1, you don’t save more than shopping from a store that accepts coupons. You will see that using a coupon on the same item at a different store will often get you the item for less than $1.

The Rich and Middle Class Don’t Use Coupons

This is also one of the myths associated with couponing. People believe that when they use coupons, their social status will decline. Just because you may be rich doesn’t mean you should not save money.

A lot of people using coupons are actually from the well educated well to do families. So next time you think of using a coupon, don’t be shy or feel ashamed because of it. No one will think you are poor because you are redeeming a coupon. On the contrary, you are smart and know how to stay rich.

You will spend more money when you use coupons.

Whiles there may be an element of truth to this myth, it is in the minority. A true couponer will never spend more than someone who does not use coupons. If you are someone who buys anything you see just because you have a coupon, then you will have problems saving money.

When couponing, prioritize your purchases. Buy the items you need first and stay in budget. Also look for items on sale that you have a coupon for. In this way, you maximize your savings.

There are a lot more myths that I will cover in subsequent posts. Stay tune for more grocery savings tips.